NEPC Debunks Latest Charter Report

28 Apr

“To call such an effect ‘substantial’ strains credulity,” Maul concludes. Overall, the report fails to provide compelling evidence that charter schools are more effective than traditional public schools, whether or not they are located in urban districts.

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The National Education Policy Center regularly reviews research findings, in effect, acting as an independent peer review board.

In this case, its reviewer challenges the latest CREDO report on urban charters:

Is It Time to Stop the CREDO-Worship?

New review explains CREDO charter school research flaws, raises concerns about misunderstandings of effect sizes


William J. Mathis, (802) 383-0058,

Andrew Maul, (805) 893-7770,

URL for this press release:

BOULDER, CO (April 27, 2015) — A recent report contends charter schools generally helped students increase reading and math scores and that urban charters had an even stronger positive effect. But a new review released today questions the strong reliance that has been placed on this and similar reports.

Andrew Maul reviewed Urban Charter School Study Report on 41 Regions 2015 for the Think Twice think tank review project. The review is published by the National Education Policy Center…

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