Hey, Kids: Take the PARCC Test, Qualify for an iPad Mini (??)

02 Mar

In this Louisiana school district, administration is rewarding students who take the Common Core rank and punish PARCC test and punishing students who Opt Out.

Corporate school reform is almost all about punishing public schools, public teachers, children and parents if they do not fall in line and obey without question. Is this really the United States? Is this the country I risked my life as a U.S. Marine to defend when I fought in one of its many foreign wars?

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Louisiana parents are choosing to opt their children out of whatever it is that state superintendent John White has concocted and is labeling the “PARCC” test.

refuse the test

Louisiana is not a legitimate PARCC participant. Official PARCC vendor, Pearson, has no contract directly with the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) for the 2015 PARCC testing that is supposed to occur in March and May 2015.

2015 PARCC scores cannot directly affect student promotion decisions because the scores will not even be available until fall 2015, after the 2015-16 school year begins.

It seems that the primary function of 2015 Louisiana “PARCC” is to grade schools. The secondary use is to form a baseline to use to grade teachers via value-added modeling (VAM).

The fact that 2015 Louisiana “PARCC” will directly affect schools and not individual students has created an atmosphere in which some Louisiana school administrators are trying to coerce students…

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