High Achievement NY: Common Core Must Work Because We Don’t Want to Face Arne

29 Oct

The message is clear. The business community in New York State fears the loss of millions in federal dollars from the DOE to the state if New York doesn’t implement the Machiavellian and draconian so-called Common Core State Standards by standing up for its Constitutional rights to be in charge of public education in New York state.

In Germany when the Nazis made all the decisions from the top down for everyone, most of the people shouted Heil Hitler. This time it is Heil Duncan.

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Yet another group has established itself as promoters of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), and, of course, the group has a catchy, test-driven name: High Achievement New York (HANY).

HANY offered a press release on October 28, 2014. And marvel 0f all marvels, HANY has found that it is best for CCSS to stick around in New York State.

But who is this HANY, you ask?

HANY describes itself as “a broad-based coalition of teachers, parents, school administrators, civil rights advocates, community leaders, and some of NY’s biggest businesses….”

Let’s just stop right there.

In 2014, if “some of New York’s biggest businesses” are involved in advocating for their version of K12 education, then you must have stepped right into a steaming hot pile of corporate reform.


But let me not get ahead of myself.

Here is High Achievement New York’s mission statement, in full:

High Achievement New…

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