When Is Cheating Not Cheating?

07 Oct

If you are going to cheat on test scores, do it in private sector, for profit, corporate run Charter schools where the cheating will be ignored. But don’t do it in a public school because the fake education reformers supported by those same corporations are watching and they have their corporate paid spies everywhere and reporters ready to write the story and publish in the corporate owned media.

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When is cheating not cheating? When it happens in a charter school whose owner is politically powerful. When it threatens the very foundations of test-based accountability, the foundation of No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top.

Ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no lies.

The story begins:

“The odds that 11th-graders at Strawberry Mansion High School would have randomly erased so many wrong answers on the math portion of their 2009 state standardized test and then filled in so many right ones were long. Very, very long. To be precise, they were less than one in a duodecillion, according to an erasure analysis performed for the state Department of Education.

“In short, there appeared to be cheating — and it didn’t come as a total surprise. In 2006, student members of Youth United for Change protested being forced out of class for test-preparation sessions and won…

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