Bob Braun: Finally, Some Heroes in Newark: The Students

13 Sep

Has any major media outlet reported on this act of civil disobedience by children that is similar to the Boston Tea Party in 1773 that launched a revolution against the most powerful empire of the time, the British Empire? Maybe it’s time for another revolution against the empire if wealth.

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Bob Braun has been writing about the abusiveness and insensitivity of Cami Anderson’s “One Newark” plan. He has written that it has disrupted the lives of children and families, with no goal other than to sweep away neighborhood schools and impose charter schools. Newark has been under state control for nearly 20 years. In short, the people of Newark have had no say in the governance of their city’s schools, and now Chris Christie and Cami Anderson have decided to turn them over to private management.

Braun reports that the real heroes in this struggle for democracy are the high school students of Newark. While most of the adults seemed resigned and ready to bow to authority, the high school students went into the streets to protest. A group of them chained themselves together, sat down in the city’s main thoroughfare, and blocked traffic. The newly elected Mayor Ras Baraka…

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2 responses to “Bob Braun: Finally, Some Heroes in Newark: The Students

  1. booklady

    September 19, 2014 at 20:21

    1. Read the Newark Parents Union Facebook page post re the Arne Duncan Back to School Bus Tour e-mail. He does say, “So I want to know what’s happening in your community” and gives contact phone number for the White House 202-456-1111. Let’s inform him! From all time zones; 50 states & territories if you have concerns [Hawaii teachers sent treats to Newark Student Union kids this summer–how terrific!]. Parents; people who don’t have kids but care about kids. Spouses, siblings, friends of teachers–please respond. Retired teachers, you can advise well. “Ten thousand people, maybe more” need to reply to Arne Duncan.

    The Newark Parents Union invited him on their Facebook page to drive right in, park the bus, get out & learn in Newark.

    2. Read the Facebook page for Bob Braun’s Ledger that shows photos of moldy packaged muffins served in Newark school. The climate of fear limited person from naming school. Hope they called report to USDA National School Lunch program. A suburban school had similar problem this week.

    • Lloyd Lofthouse

      September 20, 2014 at 07:14

      I think it would take a HUGE response from the people with the possibility of riots setting fire to U.S. cities to stop Arne Duncan, Bill Gates, and President Obama from destroying the public schools, and even then I don’t think they would stop. Instead, I think they would call out the troops and shoot us down in the streets until those with the most courage were dead and everyone else ran away in fear. In fact, I think the corporate-owned media and PBS would launch a propaganda campaign to paint the resistance fighting to save democratic public education as evil terrorists and use those lies to justify hunting us down to eliminate our voices, our opinions.

      I think the only way to stop the steamroller that the Koch brothers, the Walton family, Eli Broad, Bloomberg, Bill Gates—and the other few billionaires unnamed here—have funded, would be an all out bloody rebellion that ended with them or us gone from the face of this planet. I hope I’m wrong.

      If you want to know the reason why I think this way, I suggest you start by watching the new PBS documentary on the Roosevelts and pay attention to how the billionaire oligarchs of the late 19th and early 20th century thought of us workers and how they treated us and our children. You can also read “The Bully Pulpit” to discover the same evil mindset that some of our super wealthy citizens of today developed along with their wealth and power. We can learn from how the top one percent thought a century ago to discoverer how they think today because history shows us this is what power and wealth does to some of the few who are fortunate to make it to the top.

      It’s obvious that power and wealth corrupts people and that power becomes an addictive drug that drives people like the Waltons, the Koch brothers and Bill Gates to do evil things to win and get their way.


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