EdNext’s Paul Peterson: Common Core Got the Bum Rap– Just Like Poor NCLB Did

26 Aug

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Education Next is a journal that strongly promotes the privatization of public education based upon standardized-test-driven outcomes. The folks at EdNext really love charters and vouchers that drain *authentic* public schools of their funding all the while escaping the “accountability” so-called “reform” demands of those flunky, traditional public schools.

The EdNext editor-in-chief is Paul Peterson. He happens to be fond of charters, vouchers, and parent trigger laws.

In April 2014, Peterson and two others published a book entitled Teachers Versus the Public. That ought to tell you something about Peterson’s opinion of career classroom teachers.

Education destruction vixen-gone- manure handler Michelle Rhee endorsed Peterson’s book.

Enough said.

Ironically, it seems that the “public” has spoken: Peterson’s book is a dud.

That doesn’t mean he is finished pushing his privatizating, “blame the traditional teachers” message via his EdNext survey, which was begun in 2007– the year that George W…

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