Why Doesn’t the New York Times Understand the Controversy Over Common Core?

20 Apr

Diane Ravitch's blog

In story after story, the New York Times consistently misses the essence of the controversy surrounding Common Core.

Today’s New York Times gives its lead article on page 1, column right, top of the fold, to the battle raging within the Republican party, about the Common Core. On one side is Jeb Bush, standing up for the Common Core standards (presumably a moderate, let’s not talk about his fight for vouchers and for the destruction of public education in Florida), while on the other are figures like Ted Cruz and other extremists of the party. Common Core, we are told, is now the “wedge issue” in the Republican party, with sensible people like Jeb Bush fending off the extremists.

A few weeks ago, the newspaper wrote an editorial enthusiastically endorsing the Common Core standards, while giving no evidence for its enthusiasm other than the promises offered by the advocates of…

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2 responses to “Why Doesn’t the New York Times Understand the Controversy Over Common Core?

  1. Richard Sutton

    April 20, 2014 at 10:35

    The fact that they have consistently missed that the “standards” were created by a testing business think tank without a single educator in attendance, and big bucks on the table is the smoking gun. I’m disappointed in an otherwise usually investigative journalism.


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