Breaking News: David Sirota Exposes Financing Behind PBS Series on Pension Reform

14 Feb

Red all about “The Wolf of Sesame Street” and the plot to fire all public school teachers in the Untied States; then turn over the public school to corporations for profit.

Diane Ravitch's blog

David Sirota, a crack investigative journalist, has written an expose of the financing behind the PBS series on pension reform.

Sirota calls it:” The Wolf of Sesame Street: Revealing the secret corruption inside PBS’s news division.”

You may be surprised to learn the secret. You may be disturbed to learn who is paying the bills.

Sirota’s hard-hitting article prompted an immediate response from the PR firm for “the Wolf of Sesame Street.” Read it.

In today’s world, language often means the opposite of what it says. We must deconstruct everything we read.

A “reformer” is someone who wants not to “reform” public schools but to replace them with privately managed schools, sometimes operated for-profit or by non-educators making exorbitant salaries.

“Pension reform” these days means someone has a plan to get rid of your pension if you are a public-sector worker.

“Turnaround” means that someone in D.C. decided that everyone…

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