26 Apr

“Intriguingly, we’ve had more success in connecting with teachers in places like Tanzania, South Africa, the Caribbean, and China than we have here in North America.

“Teachers are the key. We have to find new ways to work with them, to inspire them, to help them find ways to embrace these technologies, to feel they’re in charge, not the other way ’round.”
In addition, America has to stop blaming teachers for low standardized test scores. The truth is that there are many kids that hate to read, do not study or do homework when at home and then perform poorly on standardized tests while parents at home talk less than five minutes a day to their children.
Lloyd Lofthouse is the award-winning author of The Concubine Saga.

Janet Mayfield & Randy Morse

We’ve worked, since 1995, to help educators cope with — or at best, embrace and lead — the technological revolution that is rapidly changing the ways our students learn.

1995. That’s a mere 17 years ago. Yet the changes that have occurred since then are nothing short of mind-boggling.

There were no readily available search engines in 1995. No Google or Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn or Amazon or YouTube. No smartphones or iPads or Kindles. Bandwidth was a trickle, email virtually unheard of.

We left our traditional educational publishing company in 1995 — and when I say “traditional,” I mean we developed textbooks — to form one of the world’s first web-based publishing companies, dedicated to using new & emerging digital communcultural technologies to develop and deliver a new kind of learning material to the classroom. And with it, a new breed of ongoing teacher training and support.

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