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Modern-Day Witch Hunts and Vigilantes — the politically-correct Mob’s (sex) War against Teachers – Part 4/6

The worldwide age of consent ranges from age 12 to 21.

The male-female age of consent to have sexual relationships in most of the United States is 16. In China—which is supposed to be a so-called brutal dictatorship that suppresses individual freedoms—the age of consent is 14 and in Taiwan it is 16.

However, in Angola the age of consent is 12/15, and in Argentina it is 13/16, which must mean when a woman starts having her period and is capable of having children between those ages, the age of consent applies. In Botswana the age of consent is 16 for girls and 14 for boys.

In fact, the most common age of consent around the globe is the age of 16—even in the United States where the age of consent ranges from 14 (one state, Arkansas) to 18, only seven of the fifty states have 18 as the age of consent. California is one of them.

In France, the age of consent is 15. In the UK it is 16. In Yemen there is no age of consent but the couple must be married to have sex. While it is legal for men to have sex with men and women to have sex with women in the US, there are many countries where this is illegal. Source:, Age of Consent

“Harold and Maude” – 1971 cult classic movie – the sexual relationship between an 80 year old woman and a young man in his early 20s.

In the News: American Idol judge and superstar Jennifer Lopes (42) is dating a man that is age 25, and Chris Noth (57), the “Sex and the City” star,  married Tara Wilson age 30. When Noth started dating Wilson she was 20 and he was 47.

In 2010, Harrison Ford married Calista Flockhart. He was 67 and she was 45. Then there is Clint Eastwood, who has fathered at least seven children by five different women. Eastwood’s current wife is 35 years younger than he is.

James Hooker (age 41) and Jordan Powers (18), with 23 years between their ages, exercised poor judgment in acting before she graduated from high school. If the couple had waited a few more months until after she graduated from high school, the media uproar probably wouldn’t have happened and the politically correct mob led by Powers’ vengeful mother wouldn’t be supporting California’s Bill 1861whitch is threatening another American freedom that also discriminates against teachers.

Jordan Powers is not the first young woman to fall in love with an older man. In fact, younger men sometimes fall in love with older women.

Medicine says, “While no statistics are readily available, older man-younger woman couples have long existed and may be becoming more prevalent and more socially acceptable. In certain Hollywood and corporate circles, especially among financially successful men, the practice is so common that these younger women, usually second wives, have been given the disparaging nickname of ‘trophy wives’.”

However, was wrong. There are statistics.

Continued on April 15, 2012 in Part 5 of  the Mob’s War Against Teachers or return to Part 3


Lloyd Lofthouse is a former U.S. Marine and Vietnam Veteran,
who taught in the public schools for thirty years (1975 – 2005).

lloydlofthouse_crazyisnormal_web2_5His third book is Crazy is Normal, a classroom exposé, a memoir. “Lofthouse presents us with grungy classrooms, kids who don’t want to be in school, and the consequences of growing up in a hardscrabble world. While some parents support his efforts, many sabotage them—and isolated administrators make the work of Lofthouse and his peers even more difficult.” – Bruce Reeves

Lofthouse’s first novel was the award winning historical fiction My Splendid Concubine [3rd edition]. His second novel was the award winning thriller Running with the Enemy. His short story A Night at the “Well of Purity” was named a finalist of the 2007 Chicago Literary Awards. His wife is Anchee Min, the international, best-selling, award winning author of Red Azalea, a New York Times Notable Book of the Year (1992).

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