International Case Studies: Public Education Works!

05 Oct

A study produced by 12 organizations working cooperatively proves/shows that well-organized public education systems are possible and working everywhere, with political will and the use of the locally relevant practice. There is no need to allow publicly funded, private sector, secretive and often corrupt and abusive (children and teachers) charter schools to complete in the U.S. with public schools for public money.

Diane Ravitch's blog

A new international organization has released five case studies of low- and middle-income nations, demonstrating that PUBLIC EDUCATION WORKS.

I received this mailing:

We are delighted to launch a new important piece of research on public education, titled Public education works: lessons from five case-studies in low- and middle- income countries”. The study shows that well-organised public education systems are possible and working everywhere, with political will and use of locally relevant practices.

It showcases positive examples of public education in different contexts and settings. The cases – from Bolivia to Namibia, including Vietnam – challenge the disseminated idea that public education needs privatisation for quality and point to a rights-aligned and socially committed definition of quality – including the aim for social inclusion and equity, the engagement of community and local actors, valuing teachers and respecting local culture. It concludes thatpublic education must be the…

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