Tom Ultican: Who Should Be the Next Leader of California Schools? A Banker or a Social Worker?

28 Oct

In this election, California’s public school are on the auction block and many out-of-state, old, white billionaires are “investing” in Marshall Tuck’s election because they want to take over and profit from our public schools while controlling what and how our children are taught. Do NOT vote for Tuck.

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Tom Ultican, retired teacher of physics and advanced mathematics in California, here describes the billionaires and bad policies behind Marshall Tuck’s campaign for State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

He sees the Tuck campaign as a new front in the “Destroy Public Education Movement,” which he has written about extensively.

Here are some of the Big Money contributors to Tuck’s campaign:

The Waltons control Walmart and have been spending heavily to privatize public schools for more than three decades.

Bill Bloomfield is a rich guy from LA who has also poured $7,000,000 into independent expenditures for Tuck.

The Rogers family is the main local force behind the privatization of Oakland’s school system.

Doris Fisher founded The Gap with her husband Don. They have spent extensively promoting charter schools and were the first significant benefactors for the KIPP franchise.

Eli Broad is the only person to found two fortune 500 companies. He…

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