Florida: What’s the Trouble with Teachers?

06 Aug

The rich and powerful — like Bill Gates, the Walmart Walton family, Eli Broad, the Koch brothers, etc. — don’t understand why everyone else, especially teachers, doesn’t want to be rich and famous just like them. Psychopaths think like that, so they are abusing teachers in an attempt to fix and profit off the education of our children while their children go to exclusive, private schools.

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At last, an article in the mainstream media that tries to understand why teachers are troubled! It’s not the New York Times or the Washington Post, but still…it’s in print.

Roger Williams of the Fort Meyers, Florida, Weekly titled “Troubled Teachers.” He dwells at length on the stresses that have changed the nature of teaching, not for the better.

Williams interviews many teachers, who tell him what is happening in their classrooms.

“At least one disturbing conclusion can be drawn from what they tell us: Teachers now face what is arguably the most difficult and demanding stampede of challenges in the contemporary history of public education. And that’s not good for students who face, in turn, a range of contemporary social challenges they might not have experienced en masse in previous generations.

“For teachers, there is less time than ever before to teach, they say. There is data crunching…

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