British Educator: US Charter Leaders, Stay Home!

22 Feb

Will U.S. profit motivated, corporate driven, public education reform spread, like a terminal cancer, to the UK?

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Robin Alexander, head of the Cambridge Primary Review and prominent British educator, learned that the conservative Education Minister wants to bring a US charter leader to run the British school inspectorate, called Ofsted. He was not happy. He knows what corporate reform is, and he doesn’t want their leaders in Britain.

Alexander writes:

“A check on the touted names makes it clear that the search is less about talent than ideology. The reputation of every US candidate in which the Secretary of State is said to be interested rests on their messianic zeal for the universalisation of charter schools (the US model for England’s academies), against public schools (the equivalent of our LA-maintained schools), and against the teaching unions. This, then, is the mission that the government wants the new Chief Inspector to serve.

“Too bad that the majority of England’s primary schools are not, or not yet, academies. Too…

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