Detroit Public Schools: Beyond a State of Emergency

23 Jan

Reading this post brought back a flood of memories that caused my eyes to fill with tears. I also taught in classrooms and schools that were run down and in need of serious upgrading and repairs.

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Since 1999, the state has been “taking over” Detroit Public Schools. Since 2009, Detroit’s schools have been subject to a stream of emergency managers who move in for just under 18 months, do not answer to voters, and can basically do what they want without consequence.

The Detroit Public Schools state takeover is a dismal failure, as noted in this February 2015 Metro Times article:

The district’s struggles can be traced to a skein of historic factors, beginning with the city’s long-declining population, a trend that started in the 1950s and continues today.

Another major factor was the approval of 1994’s Proposal A in a statewide referendum that radically changed the way Michigan finances education, shifting from a primary reliance on local property taxes to a “per pupil” foundation grant provided by the state.

The two factors — the continued loss of students and the state funding that comes with them…

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