District Adopts Federally-Endorsed Tech Product, and It Bores the Kids to Tears

07 Dec

Is this the world for OUR children that Bill Gates and a few other billionaire oligarchs are willing to spend billions to create? It’s not for their children, who attend expensive private schools, schools that teach the old fashioned way without scripted computer lessons.

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In an earlier post, one of our readers asked whether it was appropriate for the United States Department of Education to endorse commercial products. The product that won plaudits from federal officials, paid for with our tax dollars, is called Edgenuity. As you might expect, it is a computer program that replaces teacher-student interaction. The U.S. ED wants to solve the high cost of teachers by funding Teach for America and technology that replaces teachers.

Is Edgenuity a great product? Evidently not.

A blogger described what happened when his school district adopted Edgenuity.

He writes:

Students have expressed quiet and loud frustration; parents have also complained. To find compromise and rest the restless, a Digital Learning Committee was formed consisting of teachers, students, and concerned parents. Complaints center around concerns surrounding the implementation, the quality of education, student/computer over-use, and lack of teacher/student interaction. Some students are not only unhappy…

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