The Waltons Promote the (Failing) Tennessee ASD

02 Nov

Discover the false promises paid for by the Walton family?

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On October 26, 2015, the Walton Foundation sent this email to subscribers of its Walton Family Foundation (WFF) list,  Here is an excerpt:

Dear [Name],

Bobby White graduated from Frayser High School in Memphis in 1990. Last fall, he came back — not just as an alumnus but as the school’s leader.

In the time since White’s graduation, the school had become “chaotic,” and the students’ achievement was suffering. The school was in the bottom 5% of schools in the state of Tennessee, and so were many of the other schools in the local community.

“There needed to be a lightning bolt to kind of shock the school into a new state of thinking,” White told us.

Because of its low performance, the school (now renamed MLK Prep) had been designated as part of the Achievement School District (ASD) — a special district created in Tennessee to dramatically improve the bottom…

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