Bob Braun to Star-Ledger: Stop Defaming Teachers!

01 Jun

Back when I was still teaching, one of the history teachers at the high school where I worked took all the data from the most recent California annual standardized tests for our school and compared test gains between veteran teachers who had taught 10 years or more to teachers with less than 10 years of experience in the classroom. He discovered that most of the gains were made by the students of veteran teachers and there was very little or no gains among the teachers with the least experience.

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This is one of the most powerful articles I have ever read about the pernicious lies of those who call themselves “reformers.” It should be a cover story in TIME or Newsweek or the front page of the Néw York Times. Someone should send it to Frank Bruni, Nicholas Kristof, David Brooks, the PBS Newshour, and everyone else who opines about education.

Bob Braun slams the editorial board of the Star-Ledger for their consistent, unrelenting defamation of teachers. The editorial board apparently believes that the only good teachers are inexperienced young teachers (think TFA), while any experienced teacher is a slacker who should be fired, “sooner rather than later” (using the infamous phrase quoted in the NY Times by one of the co-authors of the infamous Chetty-Rockoff-Friedman study).

Here are excerpts from Bob Braun’s fiery and brilliant :editorial:

“A recent editorial in The Star-Ledger stated the state administration of…

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