Michigan’s “Educational Achievement Authority”: A Dismal, Frightening Failure

02 Feb

If you want a look at what’s happening inside the opaque privatization movement that intends to replace transparent, democratically run public schools with schools operated for a profit by corporations and CEOs, this post will shock you and might open your eyes if you have no idea what’s going on. Many veteran public school teachers already know what’s going on.

Diane Ravitch's blog

It is hard to choose which state has done the most to undermine public education: Louisiana, Tennessee, North Carolina, Ohio, and Wisconsin come to mind, but Michigan is right up there as a state whose Governor Rick Snyder is working hard to crush public education. There is the fact that some 80% of the charters in Michigan are run by for-profit operators. And note too that entire low-performing districts have been given to for-profit corporations.

But the worst of Snyder’s inventions is the deceptively-named Education Achievement Authority. Here the governor has gathered the state’s low-performing schools for special treatment.

Eclectablog, a Michigan blog, decided to go behind the claims of success and manufactured data, and instead to talk to teachers who work for the EAA. The stories are harrowing, including accounts of physical abuse, drugs in the schools, and an atmosphere of fear. Some teachers are afraid of violent teachers…

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