06 Dec

Are lost jobs in the United States really the fault of what American children dream they want to do to earn money when they are adults?

iLook China

It is a popular political pass time in America to bash China for stealing jobs from US workers.

However, Bree Fowler and Peter Svensson of the Associated Press reported, Apple to produce line of Macs in the US next year.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook said in his interview with NBC that companies like Apple chose to produce their products in places like China, not because of the lower costs associated with it, but because the manufacturing skills required just aren’t present in the U.S. anymore.

“He added that the consumer electronics world has never really had a big production presence in the U.S. As a result, it’s really more about starting production in the U.S. than bringing it back.”

Reading that AP piece reminded me of an in-service I attended in the early 1990s when I was still teaching. We were told that America’s children, supported by their parents…

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