08 Aug

According to a recent survey, 200 million Americans believe he or she has a book/novel in them and want to write it. In 2011, more than three million of them did and they self-published that work. If you are one of those Americans, you may want to read this series of posts about the importance of writing skills such as grammar, mechanics and spelling. Did you pay attention to your English teachers while you were attending public/private schools? Did you do the homework? Did you ask question? Did you read books almost every day and night?

Lloyd Lofthouse

Forget about the anal-retentive grammarian (ARG) with a photographic memory and instant recall that has memorized all 532 pages in the fourth course of Warriner’s English Grammar and Composition textbook.

This ARG perfectionist may write a cryptic, critical one-star review on Amazon blasting an author for having only a few mistakes in his novel, but that is not important as you will discover.

Instead, as independent, self published authors we must ignore the ARGs and focus on the avid reader who is often forgiving of the occasional bump/mistake. For these readers, the story—plot, characterization, theme, conflicts and power of writing—is more important.

However, if the avid reader is distracted by too many mistakes, do not expect this audience to be forgiving. In fact, do not expect an avid reader to finish the novel or recommend it to friends.

I’m a gambler and at this point I am betting…

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