24 Jun

I’m addicted to books too. If we have to be addicted to something, it should be books instead of drugs or TV.
I have so many books that I have to store them in those large plastic containers that Costco sells three at a time. I estimate that I have enough books to keep me reading for years. It’s also difficult to throw away a magazine. I subscribe to so many, I don’t have time to read them all and I cut back on half of my subscription a few years ago. I have a HUGE collection of National Geographic Magazines mostly stores in the garage where they never see the light of day or my eyes staring at them.
In addition, I have enough books on CDs to listen to books for more than a year. When I am in my car driving somewhere, I listen to books—not music or talk shows.
I am convinced that my parents are responsible for my love or reading books. If not for them, I would have never gone to college or ended up an English teacher for thirty years and now a published author. My father loved mysteries and westerns. My mother loved romance novels. They sat in the living room every night and read even after we had a TV, that box did not stop them from reading so I cultivated a habit of reading while the TV was droning on too. However, today, I prefer to leave the TV off most of the time.
What happens when you run out of room for autographs on your Kindle?

Two Different Girls

I found this cartoon on a blog the other day. Unfortunately, I can’t furnish attributes, so whoever came up with this drawing, well done. You must love books, too.  

I was offering tips and tricks to my new Kindle owner friend Jason, when I pulled mine out of its cover to look at the back. The cover doesn’t see the light much, and collecting autographs is a bit of a silly thing, in my opinion, but I got in the habit of asking speakers at The Amaz!ng Meeting to sign my Kindle, if I actually had one of their books on my device.

My first signature was Scott Sigler, which I obtained when he visited Houston a couple years ago during a book promotion. My second autograph was Eugenie C. Scott, who is director of the National Center for Science Education.

Other signatures I’ve obtained include

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