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Will I get a job when I graduate from college?

That’s a huge question that college students are asking themselves, now perhaps more than ever. Students who select more marketable college majors are going to increase their chances of landing a job.

The Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce used U.S. Census Bureau statistics to tease out the unemployment rates for 173 college majors. I looked at the 100 most popular college majors and pulled out the 25 majors with the lowest unemployment.

College majors with lowest unemployment rates

1. Medical technology technician 1.4%
2. Nursing 2.2%
3. Treatment therapy professions 2.6%
4. Medical assisting services 2.9%
5. Agriculture production & management 3.0%
6. Industrial production technologies 3.1%
7. Pharmacy 3.2%
8. Communications & disorders sciences 3.3%
9. Elementary education 3.6%
10. Special needs education 3.6%
11. Miscellaneous education 3.7%
12. Mechanical engineering 3.8%
13. High school teacher…

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  1. boochums

    February 7, 2012 at 00:53

    Hi Lloyd. I love your blog and your writing style. Since you’re a journalism graduate with an MFA in writing, am I right to assume that you have already written a couple of books chiefly about your travels in Asia, if not, at least your memoirs about the Vietnam war. I myself have a passion for writing, except that I’m so undergraduate and have not finished my BA in English.

    I have been fascinated by the Vietnam war. Perhaps you can start a blog about your exploits as a U.S.Marine fighting that war.

    Keep up the good work,Lloyd,

    • Lloyd Lofthouse

      February 14, 2012 at 15:56

      Thank you.

      ” am I right to assume that you have already written a couple of books chiefly about your travels in Asia…”

      My first two novels are historical fiction set in 19th century China. The main character in both novels is Robert Hart. Although the novels are fiction, Hart was real. Harvard University Press published his journals and letters, and the originals are kept at the Queen’s College in Belfast, Ireland.

      “I have been fascinated by the Vietnam war. Perhaps you can start a blog about your exploits as a U.S. Marine fighting that war.

      In fact, I do have a Blog about Vietnam, PTSD, war, etc., but I haven’t added anything new there for some time. This Blog is called “The Soulful Veteran”.

      However, since my fourth book, “Better a Dead Hero”, which is not published yet, takes place in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand, I will be returning to add more to The Soulful Veteran. The rough draft is completed. All that remains is revisions and editing, which sounds easier than it is.

      In addition, I wrote a short story several years ago based on an incident that took place while I was serving in Vietnam. “A Night at the Well of Purity”

      “A Night at the Well of Purity” was a finalist in the 2007 Chicago Literary Awards.

  2. Hildred Borchert

    February 24, 2013 at 14:05

    On an annual basis, the available job pool in the corporate world is shrinking by 3-5% every year. At the same time we are continuing in the US to train people to work in this system creating a declining job pool, with more people being trained to fill jobs that are disappearing creating huge unemployment. So why are we continuing to train people for jobs that won’t exist? Today the unemployment rate is running around 7.8%, but if we calculate that number in a real sense the number is closer to 15%. How you ask? We don’t count someone as unemployed if they haven’t looked for a job during the last 30 days. Tell that to those who can’t find a job in their field who are unemployed by the true definition.^

    • Lloyd Lofthouse

      February 24, 2013 at 14:40

      You are right, but in the United States, we are supposed to have freedom of choice and with a consumer economy based on supply and demand, if these students graduating from the wrong fields want to major in those fields, the universities, both private and public, will give them what they want.

      There is no excuse to major in the wrong field that leads to unemployment or underemployment. There is plenty of information out there that will tell college students the majors that lead to secure, good paying jobs.

      Yet, even with the poor majors too many students still flock to because the major is linked to a dream, the unemployment rate for college educated adults in the United States is less than 4%.


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